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We’ve opened a Facebook group for more casual conversation!
This forum will continue business as usual since Facebook doesn’t lend itself well to technical discussions and pasting code, but we know plenty of people like to hang out on Facebook so we’ll see you there :grinning:

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I’m a bit sad to see any of the L&L goodness siphoned off to Facebook. Please remember some of us refuse to use Facebook on moral grounds.

Cheers, Richard

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That’s why we’re not shutting down this community and just providing people with options. People on Facebook were going to start a group regardless of whether we did, so we decided to work with them instead of leaving them to fend for themselves. L&L is all about flexibility and working with any stack, and that goes for our approach to community too! No need to sell your soul to Zucc if you don’t want to. We’ll be cross-posting anything important and this remains the primary place for more technical/advanced discussion. Facebook lends itself towards more casual discussion so I don’t foresee you missing out on any important information by sticking with the forums.