Jquery not loading with new version

I have a issue that the latest version 4.14 I guess seems to stop jquery from loading.

Seems not to happen on every install.
I have one using a L&L Slider - this works fine with 4.1.4
Another page has no L&L elements with script loaded - and there also jquery is not loaded.

@eliot Any ideas about what would cause this?

I also had some jQuery loading issues pop up recently.

I used to let WordPress handle loading jQuery, but recently, some of my sites stopped loading it by default.

As a temporary fix, I added the Google hosted jQuery script.

Apparently, it’s best to self-host jQuery now, but I want to understand what’s happening before addressing this properly.

@eliot helped fixed my previous issues with jQuery.

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I have done some more investigation and on a clean install with L&L jquery is not loaded. Loading jquery via functions.php solves the issue.

On another site using L&L slider jquery loads properly.

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From the description, I’m not sure if L&L is related to the issue.

WordPress bundles jQuery but does not load it by default. It’s usually loaded by the theme, or a plugin if one of its scripts declare jQuery as a dependency, such as the L&L slider.

There’s no code in L&L that would prevent jQuery from loading, but it also does not load it by default, since that’s the responsibility of the theme.


Thanks for the clarification. :+1:t2:

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