L&L WooCommere display purchased pdfs


We are new to L&L and have the following challenge and are wondering if this is possible.
We want to create a widget that shows all bough WooCommerce products in one specific category.
And when you click on a product, it goes to the download that is associated with that product.
(for digital downloads the my orders option on the account page is crap).
Background: we want to create a page that shows the bought pdfs at the top and below that an overview of other ones they can still buy.

Can anyone point us in the right direction.

Thank you

Hi @nexify

You can check out our documentation about WooCommerce .

Let us know if you need more information. Thank you

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Thanks for jumping in here @ghen! Just so you know, that documentation is related to the un-released “Pro” plugin that includes a native WooCommerce integration, which I doubt @nexify is using. The reason that integration is necessary is that some of WooCommerce’s data exists in custom tables, so in order to properly query/filter/test logic related to that data, there needs to be a specific integration.

Luckily, some of the data generated by WooCommerce exists in the standard wp_posts table, so L&L can natively access it just like it would access any other post type. For reference @nexify, here are the names of WooCommerce’s post types and taxonomies that you should be able to loop through and display using the currently released version of L&L.

You’ll likely want to try something like this to start to see what fields are available on your products:

<Loop post_type=product>
  <Field all />

From there you could try displaying the specific field you need and filtering your loop based on a particular category using the taxonomy slugs mentioned at the link above.

All that being said, I’m not sure where WooCommerce stores data about the purchases made by a specific user. If that data exists in a custom table, you may not be able to access it easily with L&L until the Pro add-on is released which will include the native WooCommerce integration.