List all Post Types/Tax/Fields… available in the site

Hi L&L team!

Is there a function in L&L outputting all Post Types/Tax/Fields… available in the site, as there is in Custom Content Shortcode under Admin > Dashboard > Content?

I find this feature very handy.

There’s not currently a way to list all post types and taxonomies along with their available fields and post counts, but we do have a couple of devs that are working to move this feature over from CCS to L&L. It’s on our radar!

On the fields side, there is the <Field all /> that can be used for development purposes to display all fields available in the current loop context. It’s not the easiest to parse, but it’s pretty helpful for now until that content overview page is released.

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Hi @benjamin, that’s good news, thanks.
Yes, i’ve seen < Field all /> and tried to use it, useful but limited to the current loop maybe, and as you say, a bit difficult to read.
Actually a different purpose than CCC Content.

I hope you already won the Most Valuable Helper Medal on L&L forum.
If not, i triple vote to create one and deliver it to you, no discussion about that. :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for the kind words @avanti, maybe I’ll make myself a badge in the Discourse admin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You’re right that <Field all /> serves a different purpose than CCS’s Content Overview panel. Given how much more powerful L&L is than CSS and given some of our long-term goals to give L&L a lot more features when it comes to interacting with the database, the devs are spending a bit of time reimagining the architecture of this kind of page so that we can make sure it meets the needs of L&L users now and in the future. Some exciting things to come!

LOL, excellent illustration!

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