Loop doesn't return all results

I have the following:

<Loop type=event>
 <Field title />

It returns 2 results out of a potential set of 11.

The same loop in old style (one the same page) shows all 11:

[loop type=event][field title][/loop]

It’s a custom post type but I don’t know if there’s anything off thats causing L&L to only show 3.

Hi David, that’s really odd. The fact that it was working with CCS but not with L&L, particularly given how simple your template it, seems really odd to me. Any chance I could access the actual site to see what’s going on? If you’re willing, you could send me some admin credentials here and I’ll take a look.

Hi Benjamin,

I do all my development on a local environment, so we’d need to coordinate on time to make sure my computer isn’t asleep :slight_smile:

LMK and I’ll set up creds.


Okay, I’ll check with the devs to coordinate something and I’ll follow up, maybe by DM.

Out of curiosity, what software are you using to develop the site locally? Is it Local by FLywheel or something else? Also, is your event CPT created by ACF or another plugin?

Yep, using Local. It’s pretty good.

I created the CPT with CPT UI. Using ACF for the custom fields.