Loop posts in tag archive

Hello, I try to list posts in a tag archive page in a FSE theme. I’ve tried

<Loop field=archive_term>
  <Set currentID><Field id /></Set>
 <Loop type=post orderby=date order=desc paged=6 tag="{Get currentID}">
  <a href="{Field url}"><Field title /></a>
 <PaginateButtons />

and it seems to work basically… but

  1. I got some error message
    <7 data-tangible-dynamic-module="paginator" data-tangible-paginator-target-id="6441358cd0b80" data-tangible-paginator-target-data="{"state":{"current_page":1,"total_pages":29,"total_items":169,"items_per_page":6},"template":{"tag":"Loop","attributes":{"type":"post","orderby":"date","order":"desc","paged":"6","tag":"7","paginator":true},"children":[{"text":"\r\n "},{"tag":"a","attributes":{"keys":[],"href":"{Field url}"},"children":[{"tag":"Field","attributes":{"keys":["title"]},"children":[]}]},{"text":"\r\n"}]},"hash":"51835e1f4ca6c72f0951184e90493c30","context":{"variable_types":{"global":[],"local":[],"template":[]}},"context_hash":"dfb548ec8ca885fd18889d92c71281d5"}" class="tangible-paginator-target tangible-dynamic-module">

  2. pagination is not showing (I suppose it’s relative to the errors)

  3. styling won’t work (same)

  4. and is it possible to make a generic code for category archive page ant tag archive page ?

Hey there!
I have tested your code and indeed it gives me the same output, the long message and then the posts. This seems like a bug to me, I will let the devs know and then I’ll update you when this is fixed.

Meanwhile, I’ve noticed that if you remove the pagination tags, the message will disappear, but ofc, you will have all the posts at once. So this is a pagination bug I assume.

Yes, it works without pagination. I hoped the last update would have fix this but I will wait :innocent:

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