Looping through Field Groups

I have a CPT that has an ACF Field group hat loads dynamically based on taxonomy, that has 3 Field Type: Groups.

The frontend loop is a template with 3 tabs, one for each group.
My goal is to run through all the subfields within each group without having to type out

label here
for every field.

Q1: How do I load all the labels and values with the respective classes?

Q2: How do I break it up so it’s in 3 sections, one for each group?

I looked at this page in the docs, but it’s unclear if it fits this use case, and if I need to first write the Control code and then the Loop?

I’ve been thinking for a while that it would be nice if there was a mechanism in L&L to loop through all field names and values. I made a feature request about it here so I wonder if your request could be bundled into that, although your needs sound a little different than what I expressed.

Just for fun, I decided to try displaying an ACF group field’s value with <Field acf_group=group_field_name /> and it looks like it contains a field ID and a field value (no field names or labels). So in my case, I had a text field and a number field in my group and it output this:

{"field_6491a737afffc":"This is some text","field_6491a744afffd":"123"}

L&L has a map_keys loop type that allows looping through all the keys in an associative array (like the one above) and then displaying the key or value of each item with <Field key /> or <Field value />. So it would be possible to loop through and display all the values of your fields using something like this:

<Loop map_keys="{Field acf_group=group_field_name}">
  <Field value />

But since that array doesn’t seem to contain the field label in the first place, I don’t think it’s possible to display it unless the devs account for this. Or maybe there’s some other approach I’m not aware of.

Sorry that I can’t help more here. I figured I’d share the approach above in case you can make this work, since in your use case maybe you already know the labels and could simply loop through a predefined list of labels and then display the field values for each one.

You didn’t include a link in your post so I’m not sure which page you’re referring to, but the Control tag is used in Tangible Blocks to define page builder controls, so I doubt that’s related to what you’re doing.

Hey Alex,
As Ben mentioned above, it’s not possible for now to load the labels, you can do it manually with HTML tho.
However, for your second question, it’s nothing special haha you just need to put your loop & fields 3 times.