Looping where a field is empty only

Hi guys,

I’ m trying to display records only if a field is empty but I just can’t seem to figure it out for some reason.

custom_field_3 is where I am trying to do this.

<If loop exists type="wcrm_ticket_activity" custom_field=wcrm_tickets_activity_ticketid custom_field_value="{Field id}" custom_field_2=wcrm_ticket_category custom_field_value_2=chat 
        custom_field_3=wcrm_ticket_activity_message_reply_to custom_field_compare_3=is_not
        orderby=date order=desc>


Does it work if you change this to custom_field_compare_3=is instead?

Sorry @benjamin I had been playing around with the code, when the compare is set to ‘is’ it doesn’t work.

I managed to get round it by setting the default for that field to 0 then checking if it equals 0 or if above 0 for another query I needed where it was filled out.

Will have a look later at the ‘is’ =’’ as I’m pretty sure it didn’t work, when I get a second later I will let you know.