Migrating from CCS? Here's a GPT to assist in migrating from CCS to L&L

I was recently tasked with migrating a website which heavily uses Custom Content Shortcodes to Loops & Logic.

During the transition, I found it useful to create a custom GPT which has reference materials and documentation for both plugins. It does a pretty great job of converting legacy CCS code blocks into modern L&L syntax.

It is useful both for understanding the conceptual approaches each plugin takes as well as for writing specific L&L blocks and templates.

Once I got it dialed in, it became pretty useful for making the migration move right along. Hopefully it will be useful to you as well.



Whoa, that’s pretty slick!

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Thanks for sharing, this can be a great help indeed.

There’s still an important starting step i did not find in the GPT explanations: how to locate CCS shortcodes in a WP site?

I’m using this free plugin to detect a large part of the shortcodes used in a site:

To be noted, all the Post Types have to be public for Shortcode Finder to scan them, which is not always the case.
For instance, for Beaver Builder/Themer users, Beaver Themer templates are not public by default.

As a workaround, i make them temporarily public using this filter:

add_action('register_post_type_args', function ($args, $postType) {
	if ($postType !== 'fl-theme-layout'){
		return $args;

	$args['public'] = true;

	return $args;
}, 99, 2);

Also, Shortcode Finder doesn’t access all areas where shortcodes can be nested, so, depending on the build, you may have to finish the job manually by inspecting areas likely to host shortcodes.
But the plugin is still a great help to handle the largest part of the detection job.

CCS was disseminating shortcodes anywhere in the site, L&L is way more rational with its template approach.

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