New features introduced in L&L 3.2.0 (insert headers/footers, sticky posts, dynamic schema, strip HTML, and more)

Take a look at what’s new in Loops & Logic version 3.2.0 (released last week) and 3.2.1 (released over the weekend).

Here’s the important stuff you’ll find in the latest version:

Personally, I’m pretty stoked about the fact that you can now inject scripts into the document head. It’s always seemed a little overkill to need to install a whole separate plugin just to give clients an easy way to add things like marketing scripts into the header/footer. Now L&L can act as a replacement for yet another plugin on clients’ sites!

Which features are you most excited about?


Good update, I will definitely make use of inserting headers and footers, so I don’t have to edit PHP files and will probably will use most of these features at some point. :slight_smile: