Pagination not working for acf_relationship loop

I’m using Beaver Themer to create a Singular Layout for, say auto Makers

Within that page, I’m using the Tangible Template module to show related Models

<Loop acf_relationship=make_model paged=5>
  ... code to show info about of each model ...
    Page <Field current_page /> of <Field total_pages />

Everything works except the pagination. It always shows all related models even if it’s more than 5

What am I missing?

Cheers, Richard
FWIW, this is the last piece of the puzzle for me to transition all my Posts Modules into Tangible Templates.

Your L&L looked correct when I first saw this post, but I’m now realizing that you seem to be missing the <PaginateButtons /> tag which is what actually displays the pagination. That being said, while adding the <PaginateButtons /> tag on a normal loop seems to work, you’re totally right that the pagination buttons don’t appear when you add that to an acf_relationship loop. @eliot is this a bug/limitation when working with acf_relationship loops or am I missing something here?

Currently, the pagination feature only works for the Post loop type: posts, pages, custom post types. The ACF relationship field does use the post loop internally, so I figured out a way to integrate it with pagination - please try with the newest plugin version.

Also, it’s true there must be <PaginateButtons /> to show the page buttons to navigate.

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