Possible to Combine Glider and Slider Modules?

I would like to combine both modules and get a slider which opens the photos in the lightbox when clicked.

This is what i have so far:

    <Loop acf_gallery=my_images>
        <a href="{Field url size=large}">
          <img src="{Field url size=large}" />

The slider is working fine, besides, every single image also opens in the lightbox.
The only problem is that it is not possible to switch between the individual images in the lightbox. No arrows are displayed and swiping is not possible.

Hi Kaya,
Sorry for the delayed response! I don’t think this would be possible by combining the glider and slider modules, but if you’re willing to load in a modal library you should be able to get this working the way you need it to with a bit of elbow grease!

I would eliminate the Glider tag and just use the Slider.

You can take a look at this demo I built to get an idea of how it could be done: https://demos.tangibleplugins.com/loops-for-gravity-forms/chamber-of-commerce-listing/

I’m using a library called Micromodal in this example.

Hi Julia,
No problem. In the meantime I combined the slider with a different lightbox – that worked wonderfully. I wanted to combine it with glider because I thought it would be great if you have both things available in loops & logic anyway and don’t need another library.