Premium Integrations Timeline

Just wondering how the premium integrations are coming along and if there’s a rough timeline for their release?

Feel free to ignore/delete this post if you don’t want to answer it :slight_smile: Development and timelines are hard enough without having to do them in public.

It’s hard to say, but not in the near future, that’s for sure. The development pace is largely affected by the integrations needed by clients on the service/agency side of Tangible and at the moment most of the work that’s being done is related to building more versatile block controls in L&L’s sister plugin, Tangible Blocks. Since Tangible Blocks is where the actual long-term financial incentive is, I expect that the third-party integration for L&L will come once Tangible Blocks is more mature and able to build commercially viable blocks that start requiring functionality with third-party plugins. That’s all the info I’ve got right now!

OK great, no problem. Thanks so much for replying!

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