Redirect Implementation?

Is there an implementation of Redirect like there was in CCS?

Yes, there is a Redirect tag.

<Redirect to="/shop" />

It takes an attribute to, for the target page or URL A leading slash / is required for the attribute value, unless it starts with the protocol like https://.

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Ok. Cool. Can we redirect based on device type, and if so, how? The doc gives me a 404 :slightly_smiling_face:

…based on device type…

Actually this feature in CCS was based on an external library called Mobile Detect, and hasn’t been implemented in this new plugin yet. I see that the library is well-maintained, so we will consider it. I’ll update this discussion thread when there’s progress.

The Redirect tag is now documented here (same info as above): Redirect | Loops & Logic

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That’d be great! Hope you implement it.