Render template with a shortcode

Hi all,

I’m just beginning to test Loops & Logic in a Beaver Builder/Themer site.

Found the BB Template module, allowing to input L&L code directly in a BB layout, which is great.

I would also need to insert L&L shortcodes in other BB modules, such as the Posts module (custom layout), Text module… as i usually do with CCS.
L&L documentation mentions the [template] shortcode but i’m unable to make it work in this BB context.
I tried [template my_template] or [my_template], they don’t render my template data.

Is it possible at this beta stage?
If so, can you please help me with the syntax?



Hello! Thank you for the feedback, and the very first comment in the forum.

Yes, I see exactly what you mean, a shortcode that renders a template from the Template post type. From a quick look, I believe this feature is incomplete still (or yet to be developed).

This is definitely a fundamental feature, I appreciate you pointing this out. I’ll make sure it’s included in the next version release soon. Will let you know here with another comment.

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Hi Eliot,

Thanks for your answer, good news!

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The new version 0.9.8 released today includes an update to the template shortcode.

At the moment, the beta plugin is unable to update from the site admin (we’re working on this still, so it can be updated without a license). In the meantime, please see the Tangible Plugins store’s Account page and go to the Download section to get the newest version. Then the zip file can be uploaded to the site from Plugins -> Add New -> Upload plugin.

The [template] shortcode is documented here, together with the Template tag which has the same function:

On a related topic of shortcode integration, there’s a new Shortcode tag for rendering shortcodes within a template. It’s documented here:


Great, this new shortcode rendering L&L templates works fine in Beaver Builder modules, thanks a bunch!