Revisions for Templates and Layouts

Is there a (possibly not too complicated) way to enable revisions for L&L templates and layouts, just like it happens for WP default posts and pages? I couldn’t find any.

I wish I had that capability many times in the last year.

Thank you!

I don’t think it’s currently possible, but there’s an open feature request about this addition so if you’d like to vote for that, you’ll get notified when it gets implemented.

I would love to vote on this feature and many others. However, and with the utmost respect, I have to point out that the friction to vote is enormous.

The login process (just tried again) takes more than 60s. Then, if you have been persistent enough to wait, once you are on the page and you try to click on the arrow, the system tells you that you need to log in again.

I’m not sure if I’m the only one having these problems, but if I’m not, I see very few people willing to go through that frustration to vote for a feature. If I’m not the only one, I fear you miss a ton of votes.

Other than that, L&L is amazing and I use it with every WP site I have. So, nothing by praises for all of you.

Understood regarding the feedback system, I’m not entirely clear how that login system/faux-SSO setup was done but I’ve had issues with it myself. We’ve got some improvements in the pipeline, including switching to a different feature request system and implementing real SSO across all our properties to avoid these kinds of issues. Hopefully we’re able to release some of that in the near future to reduce that friction, although our main priority when we have the bandwidth to develop this free plugin is to focus on the features of the plugin itself. Lots of improvements to come.

Glad you’re liking the L&L plugin itself though!

It’s not the same but you could do occasional exports of your templates etc. which is pretty easy as L&L will remember your settings.

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We’re actually moving off the current service we’re using to something self-hosted as we’re not satisfied with the performance of the SaaS tool we use which has degraded over time (it feels to me like the founders are just letting it die and collecting monthly payments for as long as people will put up with it). Lots of changes coming to how we’re managing authentication across our properties in the pipeline as well as we lay the foundation for some new features coming to the L&L ecosystem.

There’s just no way for us to export the data effectively so we’re manually re-creating the votes associations and it’s quite tedious :smiling_face_with_tear:

Thank you for the transparency, Gabriel. I can imagine the frustration, but I believe that a responsive and frictionless voting system will uncover insights that remain hidden today, and that will greatly benefit the company. It will return on the investment. Good luck!