Same template for category and tag taxonomies

Is it possible to use the same template for both category and tag archives? It seems like this should work (according to the docs), but it doesn’t:

<Loop type="post" taxonomy=current terms=current count="15" orderby="menu_order" order="asc">

If I change taxonomy from taxonomy=current to taxonomy=tag or taxonomy=category, it works. But if I leave it as taxonomy=current, no results show.

I can’t use a loop with no parameters because I need to adhere to the order of posts set by the user.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Rob, welcome to the L&L forum! I haven’t played around much with loading templates on taxonomy term archives, so I gave this a try myself and you’re right that there seems to be some kind of bug here with taxonomy=current and terms=current. I’ve reported my findings in a Github issue so we’ll have a dev take a look into resolving this.

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