Search in the doc?


Love what I’m seeing so far.

Will there be a Search option for the docs?

Good idea about search in the documentation - that makes sense. I’ll update this topic when it’s ready.

It will be kind of tricky to implement, since the doc pages are currently files written in Markdown format - so they can’t be easily searched like regular WordPress content.

I suppose a possible solution is to convert them to posts (or another post type), and use L&L itself to build the search form and results pages. Another possibility would be to create/generate an index with known keywords… Well, I’ll see what will work best.

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Maybe add a link to

And tell them to replace overview with whatever they want.

Cheers, Richard

Yes please. It should be trivial to add with a Google search field.

Hi everyone,

The documentation site now has a search box using DuckDuckGo as search engine.

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