Set multiple Replace Values?

Dear Support Members, I asked myself if there is an option to set multiple Replace Values but I did not find any information on this in your documentation. Tried some stuff but had no success. For example:

<Format replace="Good" with="Test" replace "Morning" with "Entry">Good Morning</Format>


Test Entry

Any chances to do something like this? Or to use Regular Expressions?

Kind regards,

Hi Daniel,

In the newest plugin version, the Format tag now supports multiple search & replace.

<Format replace="Good" with="Test" replace_2="Morning" with_2="Entry">Good Morning</Format>

The attributes are:

  • replace and with
  • replace_2 and with_2
  • replace_3 and with_3

Hi Eliot, I read it in the changelog already. Thank you! And thank you for your notification.

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