Square brackets in L&L template

Is it possible to use square brackets in L&L templates?
For example, if you want to include other shortcodes?
I was trying to escape characters like this \[accordion\] but it doesn’t make a trick.
(I have tried curly brackets as well…)
Thanks for any advice.
Cheers, J

I’m actually not sure whether square brackets are “legal” characters in L&L, so maybe that’s something @eliot can speak to. I’m pretty sure that in HTML markup you can totally use those as normal characters, but I’m not sure if L&L has any special requirements related to square brackets since I’m pretty sure those characters actually mean something in PHP, but I’m not a dev. Would be interesting to know.

In any case, to answer your other question about how you could include shortcodes in your template, that can be done with the Shortcode tag.


In HTML and L&L, square brackets are unprocessed, and treated as literal characters []. As Ben mentioned, you can use the Shortcode tag to run shortcodes.