Supporting Development

Many of you have asked how you can support the development of L&L in the absence of a pro version to purchase.

Right now, the best way to directly help is to contribute to development via GitHub if that’s within your abilities.

Alternatively, you can financially support our efforts by hosting with us. That’s right, we’re launching a hosting company specifically for highly dynamic websites with logged in user experiences!

Our expertise is in the LMS (Learning Management System) space, and those sites are some of the most dynamic websites imaginable and the entire reason we had to build L&L in the first place.

After years struggling to help our clients achieve acceptable performance for their heavy 100+ plugin LMS sites on services like Kinsta, we had no choice but to build something as the price to performance ratio was leading our clients to pay $1000+/m for performance we knew we could deliver at a fraction of the cost by optimizing the resource allocation for sites that are really heavy on the dynamic data front.
We’ve been scaling these kinds of sites to 300,000+ logged in users for years now and are ready to start offering this to the world.

If you’ve gone a bit overboard with all your L&L Loops or have a site with a membership / learning / logged in portal component that is struggling on your current hosting we can help solve it for you while also helping fund L&L.

If you’re just hosting standard brochure sites, this is probably massive overkill but should still perform a lot better than competing options especially for any cache misses.

CloudFlare Enterprise and Redis Object Caching comes standard on every plan, along with powerful performance profiling tools and an easy way too hook up your New Relic account (that’s right we won’t charge you $400/m for that like some hosts :wink: ).

If you have a bunch of sites you’d want to host with us, we’re happy to help build a custom plan and automated deployment / multi-tenancy style setup if that’s your business model.

We know the pricing is a bit higher than typical WP Managed hosts advertise, but for people with highly dynamic sites we’ve typically been able to get significant performance improvements (about +40% vs Kinsta) on plans that cost 30-60% less, so it’s only more expensive for brochure sites which we aren’t really expecting people to use this for.