Switch/When as in CCS


I can’t find Switch/When in L&L conditional as it exists in CCS, can be handy in certain contexts.
Do you plan to implement it or is it abandonned ?

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Good idea, it should be pretty easy to implement Switch/When, as a shortcut for a series of If/Else statements. Will post here when it’s ready.

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Good news, thanks for caring. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @eliot,

May i ask if you found the time/possibility to add switch to L&L please?

Thanks for your feedback

Looking forward to using switch with L&L too!

Hello! The Switch/When tags were actually included in a version a while ago, and I finally found the time to document them.


They have a slightly different syntax and behavior than in CCS. Hopefully it’s more flexible, but there may be use cases that need to be supported/improved.

Hi @eliot,
Great news, thank you.
Yes, doc and examples are a great help, as with CCS.