Tangible and The Events Calendar Issues

Hey all,

I’ve posted about this before and didn’t get a solution, so I needed another workaround - but I suspect it will come up again.

I know that Tangible Blocks used to work with The Events Calendar plugin very well, but not seemingly the case for a while now.

Using both the loop type “tribe_events”(what the post type is called on the backend) and “tec_event”(Loops & Logic Documentation says to use,), both seemingly work, but the URL field does not appear or work, and “tribe_events”vbreaks Beaver Builder (making the page not load at all).

Any ideas, friends?

They changed their whole frontend and db structure since we initially built the integration with them so it has to be rebuilt, but I just got off a call with the team and it sounds like that might actually get prioritized soon (can’t promise anything, but it sounds like we actually need this for a project ourselves).

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I got it to work with “tangible_events”, thanks to Julia. :slight_smile:

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