Template inline styles still being injected after removal


When custom CSS styles in the ‘Templates > Styles’ tab are removed /cleared (The styles tab blank and saved), the last saved styles are still be injected inline with tangible-template-inline-style.
They are not cleared.

No amount of cache clearing fixes this, I think it is a bug not a cache issue.

<style data-name="tangible-template-inline-style"> h2 { font-size: 40px; } </style>

Updates work well when changing the styes, they get reflected immediately, it is just when removing they don’t appear to be cleared. You have to duplicate the template and use that.

Don’t sure if this is the best place for these reports instead of being emailed in? Let me know.


Good catch about inline styles not getting cleared, thanks! It’s been solved in the newest version.

I suppose this discussion forum is fine for such bug reports. I’ll mark it with a “solved” tag.