Template not working for any role except admin (multisite)


I have a simple template that works only for admins, but not for the rest of roles. It’s a multisite WP.

<If loop exists type=post author=current field="estado" field_compare="more_than" field_value="0" field_type="number">
  <h2>Solicitudes activas</h2>
    <Field title />
  <Else />
    <h2>Formulario de solicitud de estación de trabajo residencial (ETR)</h2>
    [elementor-template id="130"]

Thank you very much

I have been able to fix it. The problem seems to be with the imported Elementor template. I deleted the page and generated a new one and it works correctly.

Thank you.

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On a related note, I have found that migrating L&L templates with Elementors export/import tool is not always a smooth process when using the Tangible Template widget.

Elementor seems to lose track of which Tangible Template should be loaded. Shortcodes would probably not have this issue, but I read somewhere it’s best to use the Tangible Template widget.