The way to convert this old Custom Content template to Loops and Logic template

This is my old Custom Content template that I wish to convert to Loops & Logic:

[is role=admin,editor,author,subscriber]We are happy to see you back, <strong>[user]</strong>
You are now logged in.[/is]
[is logout]<strong>Welcome aboard!</strong> All you have to do is to activate your registration by clicking on the <strong>activation link</strong> located in the email we sent you.[/is]
[is role=admin,editor,author]<br><br><a target="_self" href="">My Account</a> [/is]
[is role=admin,editor,author,subscriber]<p><a target="_self" href="">My Profile</a>[/is]

Besides CSS, I am not much of a coder. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sincerly.

Hi Stanley,

In the new plugin version, I added a way to compare multiple values for user role; and added an alias for “admin” (actual user role is “administrator”). So, the following should work:

<If user_role includes value="admin,editor,author,subscriber">
  We are happy to see you back, <b><User full_name /></b>.

To check if a user is logged out:

<If not user>
  Welcome aboard!

Thank you so much Eliot. That helps me understand and make progress on my own now.
Sincerly, very much appreciated.