Translate name of Months

I made a recent post template. How can I display the names of the months in Dutch?

Hi Frans, you should be able to pass a locale attribute to a date tag to get a translated date. In your case I think you would use locale=nl

Hi Julia,
Thank you for your answer. I have this, but it doesn’t seem to work:

<Field publish_date date_format="j F Y" locale="nl" />

Now it works. Thank you!

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Hi Julia,

i spoke to soon, unfortunattely.

If I do this:

It change the date in the right locale. but, it shows the current date, not the publishing date.

So I need to do this, to show the publishing date:

But then, it doesn’t change it into the right locale, it doesn’t translate.
So, how can I change this line, to display the months in NL?

You could try, this worked for me when I tested it:

<Format date="j F Y" locale=nl><Field publish_date/></Format>
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Hi Chris, perfect! Thank you.