Undefined Loop not pulling results in 3.0

When using FacetWP or similar, the solution is to use <Loop> without defining the type or anything. This was working fine but doesn’t seem to work with the 3.0 update.

Hi Jenn, out of curiosity, is the page you’re working on currently a draft? Does this issue resolve itself if you publish the page? If so, then this is a known issue that’ll be addressed shortly. If not, I’ll see if I can replicate the issue to pass on to the devs.

No, it’s on a published page

Hey @jenn, I’m not sure if you were notified about Eliot’s comment here, but would you be willing to send us an email with credentials to your site so that we could look into this further?

@jenn Did you ever figure out a solution for this? I’m dealing with the same thing.

Cheers, Richard

Not yet, but @eliot is working on it!

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