Values and labels from ACF


I have checkboxes in ACF stored like this

value: label

ACF recommends it for easier querying, as value usually accronym and label is longer description that can have spaces.

Example for counties:
AV : Avon
BA : Bath and North East Somerset

Loop works well when I compare the field with value.

<Loop type=profile field=county field_compare=in field_value=AV>
    <div><Field title /></div>

I can compare it with value (as it is easier) but I would prefer to display its label.
How should I call it, please?

<Field field_label /> ?


You might want to look into the setting below in ACF that appears when you’re configuring your checkbox field:

I believe that setting in ACF is what would impact what data L&L is able to reference.

If you’re using the acf_checkbox loop, inside the loop you would just use <Field /> to reference whatever data you’ve set as the Return Value in ACF. If you’re not, then <Field county /> should work on your profile posts, but you’d have to test to see exactly what that outputs to make sure that’s what you’re looking for.