Why should I learn L&L when I could just learn PHP?

I’ve seen sentiments like this come up more and more in the past few weeks as people in the broader WP ecosystem discover Loops & Logic and ask (rightfully) why someone would learn to write L&L templates when they could just learn PHP, the foundation of WordPress itself.

There was a great comment thread on Facebook about this so I turned that into a blog post so that everyone here on the forum can benefit from it. I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the ideas mentioned in the article!


The project I’ve been working on would be impossible without L&L because as you mentioned I don’t have time to learn PHP and I don’t want to. Being a good back-end developer is a full time job and takes several years to master.

Even if I was to pay a developer the time lost communicating requirements, testing and bug fixing would slow things down too much.

The difference is really your goals, some people want to learn to code as a profession and others just want to build something without installing 25 plugins. :man_shrugging:t2: